Top takeaways from the FinCon conference

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Financial bloggers, media, influencers and enthusiasts descended upon New Orleans in mid-September for the fourth annual FinCon—a peer conference designed to empower, educate and connect the financial media community. We were lucky enough to attend for the second year in a row.

While there were certainly news items coming out of FinCon, such as client The Online 401(k)’s launch of their documentary, covered by Yahoo! Finance, or featuring the local event, the main benefit for attendees was clear: No one left the conference without fresh ideas and new information on how to best serve their audience.

In that spirit, we decided to round up the top three takeaways from the conference’s keynote presentations.

Focus on three kinds of content

Chris Ducker, an entrepreneur, author, blogger and podcaster, shared that building consistent, well-thought-out content is the key to attracting and retaining an audience. To help FinCon attendees develop their content, he broke it down into three types:

  1. Educational: Includes thought leadership, how-tos and infographics
  2. Inspirational: Includes videos and personal stories
  3. Entertaining: Includes relevant, sometimes humorous posts, videos and infographics

The commandments of investors’ behavior

Who better to talk about behavioral economics than a psychologist? Dr. Daniel Crosby, a behavioral finance expert, led an eye-opening discussion on this subject. Reflecting on his list of 10 commandments, the common theme is that investing success comes down to individuals’ decisions, attitudes and behaviors, rather than market fluctuations or what everyone else is doing. Consider these rules to investing:

  1. You control what matters most
  2. Risk is an individualized concept
  3. Forget the herding mentality
  4. Do less than you think you should
  5. Never forecast
  6. If you are excited about an investment, it is probably a bad idea
  7. This time isn’t different, neither are you
  8. Remain optimistic
  9. Be your own benchmark
  10. Make your own, final commandment

Crafting a book idea to reach the best-sellers list

Farnoosh Torabi, author, speaker and TV personality, gave attendees an inside look into how she has found success as an author—sharing, from start to finish, her tips on writing and promoting a book. She started off her discussion by highlighting the importance of being an author: It gives you value over your own intellectual property. Below are the six tips she shared on developing a unique book idea:

  1. Be targeted with your topic and understand the market
  2. Get personal—don’t be afraid to tell your story
  3. Be counterintuitive
  4. Survey your audience
  5. Investigate the theme like a reporter
  6. Be matter of fact—find data and research to back the issue

As you can see from the takeaways outlined above, FinCon offered those in attendance a wide array of topics and knowledge to consume. It is safe to say that everyone was able to learn something new at the conference this year.

Editor’s Note: This post is a collaboration between Brittany and another member of the GregoryFCA team, Lauren Davis.