Three takeaways from #FinCon15

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For the third year in a row, Gregory FCA was lucky enough to convene with the brightest minds in financial blogging at #FinCon15. For those of you who are unfamiliar, FinCon is a peer conference for the money media community, bringing together personal finance bloggers, reporters, podcast hosts and enthusiasts alike. The four-day conference, located in a different U.S. city each year, features keynote speeches, live podcasts, breakout sessions and an abundance of networking opportunities.

FinCon allows Gregory FCA to keep a pulse on the latest content marketing trends in financial media and learn new ways to provide exposure for financial services experts.

Even though FinCon occurs each fall, the conversation continues year-round. With that, we wanted to share our top three takeaways from #FinCon15:

  1. Financial illiteracy is common. Too common. Many of the bloggers I met mentioned they were inspired to start their work as a result of negative or less than satisfactory financial situations they had to dig themselves out of. A lack of understanding led some of these people down the wrong paths, and so they now want to serve as helpful resources for others going through similar situations. During the Women and Minorities in Finance breakout session, panelists explained the various demographics that are generally overlooked by the financial advisory industry. Yahoo! Finance reporter and panelist Mandi Woodruff shared that your audience is out there, you just need to do the work to find them. This made me realize the financial services industry has an opportunity to better-serve these often overlooked demographics.
  1. The listicle isn’t dead. Couldn’t you tell from this blog post? In all seriousness, I was curious to hear what blogging powerhouses thought about the lifetime of the listicle, as the trend has been in place for quite some time. The bloggers I spoke with, some of whom were up for this year’s Plutus Awards, expressed they see no end in sight for the listicle.Catchy titles get the most clicks. Would you rather read something that neatly outlines the “answer” you’re looking for? Or would you prefer to skim through several paragraphs to gather your takeaways?
  1. Build your audience by being honest and authentic. In general, the blogging industry has become so successful because people place more trust in content coming “from the horse’s mouth”. As I mentioned above, sharing personal stories is an effective way to build readership and enhance credibility.

As our takeaways outline, blogging has become more popular than ever before as a means of sharing content and positioning thought leaders. We had a blast with the other 900+ attendees at #FinCon15, and look forward to implementing new ways to innovate content marketing.