Same Show, Different Channel: View from a Top Financial Services PR Firm

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Don’t buy the hype; the importance of content is NOT a new phenomenon. In fact, content has been a driver in financial services marketing for decades.

Certainly, the media relations landscape today is far different than it was just a few years ago. Today, the traditional news outlets are under tremendous pressure to tell stories in a way that matches up with the way we as consumers find and digest our information. Here at Gregory FCA, we are using many new channels to engage media interest in our client stories that simply didn’t exist a decade ago. All this being said, the value of relevant content has not relinquished any importance over the years and understanding that can do a lot to make sure your PR strategy doesn’t end up all gimmicks and no substance.

Today, tomorrow and forever, interesting, shareable content that advances your company’s story will be at the center of a successful communications strategy. That was true twenty years ago and hasn’t lost relevance despite the arrival of RSS feeds, social media tools like TweetDeck, incendiary media like Business Insider and the slew of social media portals that exist. Here are some other aspects of financial services marketing that still carry importance today, even if the channel of delivery has changed:

  • Recognition. Clients still like the personal attention, but how that is achieved has changed. Gone are the days where sending snail mail greeting cards to each and every client suffices for connectivity to their personal lives. Investors, both professional and private, live their lives online. It’s up to the advisor, fund company or bank to find that and acknowledge the clients’ life milestones on their terms.
  • Education. So long dinner seminars? The average investor doesn’t need an invitation to a steak-dinner symposium to learn about financial planning ideas or investments to add to their portfolios. They are quite comfortable pulling up Yahoo Finance or typing their question into Google to investigate their own questions or issues. Think like your clients and build content into your website to make YOU the source of educational information. Save the steak dinners to thank your best referral sources.
  • Communication. Newsletters aren’t passé, but the canned content and packaging is. Content is the lead horse in the content marketing equation, but it’s still marketing. Using newsletter quality content, i.e. the long-form thought leadership missives that still populate monthly and quarterly notes prepared by RIAs and asset managers around the country, delivered in more easily monitored and measured form (think: blogs, e-books), is part of the new formula for success in today’s increasingly competitive financial services world.

So, as you assess what you need to do next with your PR and communications strategy, don’t think that you are too far behind the eight-ball. You are likely more ready than you think to take advantage of all the new tools to share your message than you think.

Editor’s Note: This post is a collaboration between Ilan and another member of the GregoryFCA team, Riana Aldana.