Oscar worthy? Highlighting our on-camera performance of the week

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This weekend, the 89th Academy Awards Ceremony will take place in Hollywood with Oscars going to the actors and actresses that delivered memorable, winning performances. On that backdrop, we bring to you our interview of the week – an excellent performance on live television delivered by Gregory FCA client and Pacer ETF Distributors President Sean O’Hara on Fox Business Network.

Sean’s one-on-one interview with Ashley Webster is a textbook example of how financial services marketers can use “run-of-the-mill” interview settings to create a platform for their corporate narrative.

Much of Sean’s performance reflects the best practices we teach our clients in media training. You might even call it Oscar-worthy. Here’s how it breaks down:

Energy, poise and eye contact: Right off the bat, Sean comes ready to play by striking the right balance of poise and enthusiasm in his opening remarks. He maintains eye contact with the camera throughout the segment and positions his posture in a way that exudes confidence and credibility. It’s these seemingly insignificant details that separate veteran TV personalities from the amateurs.

Weaving your story into the current news cycle: Given the stock market rally fueled in part by the pro-growth rhetoric coming from President Donald Trump, a portion of the segment was dedicated to finding value in this type of environment. Without skipping a beat, Sean addresses this timely topic with the suggestion of focusing on generating income and avoiding bad investments with his series of free cash flow generating ETFs. “I would much rather buy 100 high-quality companies with high free cash flow yield than buy a 1,000-stock index or a 500-stock index that have a whole bunch of names in there that really aren’t worth investing in,” Sean noted.

Also, considering stocks are at near all-time highs, many consider the market to be too expensive. Sean quickly suggests how to avoid overpaying by considering Pacer’s products, which trade at discounts to many broad-based indexes and blue chip stocks.

Merely telling your audience how great your products are doesn’t properly shine a light on the opportunity they represent. Instead, show them how your products add value by weaving your story into the news of the day. Showing instead of telling leaves a much longer-lasting impression in the minds of your target audience.

Humor and use of analogies: In response to a question about how long the stock market rally can last, Sean answers with a humorous, yet accurate analogy about how to position your investments. “There’s a great party going on and when there’s a great party going on, no one wants to leave,” he says. “What we do at Pacer ETFs is a couple of things. If you’re going to be at a great party, it doesn’t mean you need to be the guy running around with a lampshade on his head. What we would say is stay closer to the door and be ready in case something bad happens.”

This appearance clearly isn’t Sean’s first rodeo. He didn’t wake up one day and immediately become a broadcast TV star. He’s had tons of practice conducting live interviews on a wide range of national news outlets. However, it’s important to keep in mind that every positive TV appearance is built on a foundation of strong media training.