Are These 6 Influential Financial Media Outlets on Your Radar?

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A post on our sister blog, Gregarious, from firm president Greg Matusky, outlined incendiary tech publications; that is, outlets that don’t have the instant name recognition of a mainstream media publication, but still influence the national conversation on a topic, product or idea.

The financial media operates in the same vein. Of course, the credibility of The Wall Street Journal, Barron’s and Forbes can provide members of the industry with a respected, widely read  forum to discuss their views and share their messages. However, just like there are incendiary tech publications, there are also incendiary financial publications.

When it comes to media placements, don’t just focus on the name brands – there are other opportunities out there that will also give you the platform you need to carve out a reputation and influence the industry.

Here are six outlets that you should take notice of:

  1. NextAvenue: Many of our clients target retirees and soon-to-be retirees. That’s the same audience that’s visiting NextAvenue on a regular basis. Backed by PBS, NextAvenue offers articles, advice and guest columns on topics including money and security, work and purpose, and caregiving.
  2. BusinessNewsDaily: Entrepreneurs and business owners visit this site in droves to help them run their business. Coverage includes everything from tech solutions, such as recruitment tools, to HR issues, like remote employees. With 11,500 Twitter followers and 57,500 Facebook likes, the outlet has established a devoted audience since launching in 2010.
  3. MoneyShow: With a motto of “Invest Smarter, Trade Wiser,” it’s a no-brainer that MoneyShow would be on this list. In addition to its frequently updated website, MoneyShow hosts national conferences and produces videos. The real gem of this outlet, though, is the newsletters: The daily email newsletter goes to about 75,000 readers and the weekly one goes to an additional 85,000. Imagine your investment philosophy, fund or product in front of that many people with the click of a button.
  4. DailyWorth: This outlet focuses on financial issues solely for women, covering how to plan, earn, spend and live when it comes to your money. We have all read the countless stories about the need to properly serve female investors and consumers – some sectioning this as a niche, others not. No matter what camp you are in, DailyWorth is doing something right – the site has over 1.7 million unique visitors per month and also shares it content via an electronic newsletter.
  5. Bankrate: A veteran –Bankrate, Inc. has over 30 years of experience in financial publishing – this site targets the consumer, providing everything from credit card rate information to auto loan insight to retirement planning. It is truly a one-stop shop for financial information.
  6. TheStreet: Located next to the New York Stock Exchange and founded by investing media personality Jim Cramer, this venue is geared toward investors and aims to offer actionable ideas when it comes to one’s wealth. TheStreet is truly a digital network, housing MainStreet, StockPickr, BankingMyWay and RealMoney. Let’s not forget its vast Twitter following of over 120,000 and that it has over 4 million unique website visitors a month.

While this list could go on, these are a handful of the financial media outlets that we feel deserve attention, and may get lost among the inventory of more “recognizable” publications. These six venues bring in solid viewership and provide readers with a plethora of insightful financial commentary. We suggest you put them on your radar.

Editor’s Note: This post is a collaboration between Brittany and another member of the GregoryFCA team, Lauren Davis.