Interview of the week: Magnifying your message when noise drowns out your news

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Media observers and news junkies, take note: We are now officially in the era of the podcast. Bloomberg, The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal are all adapting traditional print articles to podcast format, featuring their reporters and hosting special guests to discuss their stories. The art of the podcast is different than just about any other medium as our experience in the Gregory FCA podcast studio has taught us.

Recently, client Christian Magoon of Amplify Investments appeared on The Wall Street Journal’s ‘Your Money Matters’ podcast with host Charlie Turner to discuss his economic outlook ahead of the election, how he expects markets to perform through 2016 and sectors of opportunity. He did an artful job pivoting away from the election discussion to drill down on his narrative, which is just one of the reasons why we voted it as our choice for interview of the week.

As opposed to a TV broadcast appearance where body language plays a predominant role, tone and clarity of voice are the bread and butter of a successful podcast segment. Christian answers each question in stride by taking the time to think out his response, avoiding too many ‘ums’ or ‘ahs’ while maintaining a steady pace. Christian also responds to each question, speaking in attention-grabbing soundbites, such as “a wildcard heading into the election” and “a medicine that might not taste so good” – a key factor in keeping your audience tuned into the discussion.

When asked about the election, Christian discusses the controversial Clinton vs. Trump debate in a bipartisan manner without giving away his political opinions – a tough feat in today’s environment. He articulates how either outcome will affect the markets by predicting, “We’ve seen a bit of a selloff going into the election, but I expect a relief rally after the election as uncertainty evaporates.”

Christian takes advantage of the broad question of “where are you seeing opportunity?” by naturally inserting his recently launched Amplify Online Retail ETF (IBUY) into the conversation. He highlights the opportunity for continued growth in the online retail sector compared to traditional brick-and-mortar stores, adding it is expected to perform well regardless of post-election volatility. Christian further emphasizes his point by supplementing his commentary with statistics that show online retailers are expected to see 11 to 17 percent sales growth this holiday shopping season.

Despite the venue and format, Christian effectively redirects attention to one of his company’s new ETFs during a conversation originally expected to surround broader markets and the upcoming election. Not every media opportunity will set you up to speak specifically about your firm or product, so understanding how to incorporate your messaging into an interview is key to success, especially in today’s 24/7 news cycle.