Giving thanks, PR style

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Thanksgiving is a time of gratitude and reflection, family and food, and all the fun stuff in between. At Gregory FCA, we are beyond thankful for our clients, some of whom we’ve partnered with for over 15 years! With a Thanksgiving feast around the corner, I couldn’t help but think of the ingredients that go into our most successful client partnerships. There are a few traits that come to mind.

  • Idea sharing: Ideas are the engine of PR. Do you have a topic that you think might make for an interesting story? Give us a call. Did you read an article this morning that you would have liked to contribute to? Send it our way. PR partnerships are truly a two-way street. The more information and dialogue we have with our clients, the more successful the outcome. The beauty of working with a PR firm our size is that while we’re big enough to offer the resources to drive home comprehensive PR campaigns, we are still nimble enough to jump on a quick call with our clients and capitalize on the daily news cycle.
  • Urgency and availability: Although we’d love the opportunity to schedule interviews far in advance, the reality is that’s not always possible. In a world where a 3 a.m. tweet makes headlines, the news is 24/7. Nowadays, a reporter may want to speak to a source within the hour or even immediately. Clients who make themselves available to jump on these requests will doubtless receive the highest number of media hits. Most interviews last only about 15-20 minutes, so you might not need as much time as you think. Also, if you’re raring to get on TV, be sure to share your weekly availability with your PR team as your schedule changes. Did your Tuesday just open up? Let us know! Perhaps we could cook up something with a producer who needs a last-minute guest. To that point, don’t get discouraged if your TV spot ever falls through. It’s “show business” after all, and producers appreciate guests who can roll with the punches.
  • Commitment to learning: No matter how many times they’ve been on TV or spoken to reporters, our most successful clients demonstrate a fervent commitment to improving their media-readiness. This can entail coming to our in-house studio for a media training session or jumping on a brief call with us after a TV segment for performance feedback. Being open to constructive criticism is part of the learning process and an important aspect of a successful PR relationship.

Much like Thanksgiving dinner, PR partnerships involve more than just three ingredients. However, incorporating these tactics into your campaign will certainly ensure it is moving in the right direction.

Wishing you great PR success and a very happy Thanksgiving!